Quality Control

Is your IQC team struggling to keep up with inspection of your incoming components or do you need help with inspection in general? PIL&Mis the solution to all your inspection needs. Our seasoned technicians are from the tech-industry and quite familiar with biotech and electronics materials. Our IQC lab is also equipped with state of the art equipment/systems to help conduct your inspection requirements. You can drop off your materials at our facility either by walk-in, drop-ship, or we can have them picked up at your site. We help you perform your required inspection, provide you with detailed report and if required contact your supplier to open and investigate non-conformant materials.

Types of inspection that we perform:

Dimensional Inspection

Compression Test

Pull Test/Tensile Test

Visual Inspection


Our Test Equipment/Systems:

Instron Tensile Tester

Laser MicroMeter

Smartscope Dimensional Inspection System

Mitutoyo CMM

Uson Leak Tester

RF Probe

Keyence Inspection Microscope

HBLT Tester


Digital Multimeter

Including assorted measuring instruments

Frequency Counter

Signal Tracer

Logic Analyzer